“Our body comes first. The body is the base where you settle. Being an enemy of your body is destroying yourself, becoming unhappy, creating hell. Your body is your temple. Your are more tan just your body, but the body comes first”- OSHO

There is in all of us a part that wants to be seen, heard, accepted, loved. We propose a space for it, accompanied by other women. A space of trust and care. A match from the body from the soul.

It is a trip through our body, we intuit that place and we often forget. That place where we feel connected with our more genuine, more authentic part.

Through the body we relate, we know the world and ourselves. Our body gives us a lot of information about who we are, what we feel or need. The problem is that we have disconnected from him and most of the time we do not listen. It costs us stop and pay attention to how I am, what I need and what makes me feel better.

We have been brought up in a patriarchal society, which has reified the body of the woman with a beauty model based on perfection. Most inhabit the mind. But inhabit the body, our inner space, it is a way of rediscovering a woman.

We’ve disconnected from the wisdom of our body and we continue to seek out solutions to feel better. It naturally talk among ourselves about our body and the changes it undergoes throughout life, with a loving gaze of acceptance, it helps us to learn to take better care and love every day.

We invite you to make this journey through breathing, meditation, meeting, sharing, enjoyment and dancing. To enjoy being alive and conscious. Back to the wisdom of our vibrant body and healing force.