“The road to happiness is interrupted when we lose touch with the mother” – HELLINGER

The relationship with the mother is the most significant in our lives, is the nurturing, the foundation on which all other relationships are built. For women, it represents the way of being a woman and living femininity. Go to the feminine essence wiping the memories of pain of all women who came before us, recognizing the sacred power that has come to us through them.

The health of women is the ground on which all humanity grows. Improving the health of a woman fertilizes the soil and provisions for all men, women, children, animals, plants and the planet itself. The mother-daughter bond, in all its beauty, pain and complexity, forms the foundation of the health of a woman himself. This primary relationship leaves its mark on every one of our cells for life.

Our wombs are created in the womb of our mother and the basic emotions about femininity are printed. In her uterus, it is also home to the emotions and beliefs of our grandmothers and, if we continue this spiral, we realize that this womb of creation and recreation, is built on the pillars of all women in our matrilineal lineage.

Drink your emotions, we feel everything that happens in your body, mind and spirit. The legacy of all these women to us (or to our daughters) is printed on our body, specifically our genitals, our sexual organs, our breasts and our abdomen.

Being aware of this helps us understand why so many “unexplained” pain, so much pent-up anger and tears so many deaf knotted in our throat.

Women past manifest in us through our hunches uterus. To move forward, we must not only understand, but also honor our origin. Thanks to them palpitamos. We can only choose how.

Our first passageway is our body and hence the doors open to women of our house. We passed through our womb to the womb and from there to the uterus of our ancestors. From one to another we realize who we really are. Each discover our mysteries and I assure you, sisters, all are beautiful, whatever its form.

This contact with my uterus is the way that leads me to heal, recognize and reconcile me with my mother, grandmothers, with all ancestras, is from the feminine that I recognize myself, grow up and understand myself and my feelings.

The moment we recognize only is the time when we honor that of which we are a part.