“We are not just a woman or a man, but both. Unless they two become one, no fullness “- OSHO

Life is born and develops in the movement that occurs between two opposite poles in a dance between duality: negative -positive, night -day, light-dark, life and death, male-female … And it is in this last duality where we want to delve into this workshop.

Is crucial to the understanding that there are these two forces within us, two energies in dynamic relationship: male and female energy, also called our inner man and woman. Two energies with different qualities and natures who seek to be developed.

However, during growth and for various reasons, we tend to identify with one of them and the other hidden consciousness is, being relegated to the unconscious, in the shade. This does not mean it does not exist, and so the part we have condemned the struggle shadow out of the darkness. As it does? This part needs to be seen and makes it projected in people with whom we interact (usually the partner), as if they were movie screens we see something that really belongs to us. So we see in the other is a reflection of ourselves, unless we become aware and responsibility for this part, I will be doomed to find something out that will never come to meet me.

If we can understand this, and dare to explore it in us, we will not associate with the couple from lack and demand, but from the opening to meet other human beings.

In this workshop we want to offer a space to explore these denied parties, delve into these two energies that live in and we do not know, recognize them without trial, inviting them they can be developed in the light of consciousness.

Through guided meditations, dialogues between the two sides, projections and analyzing what happens to us in relationships, we are discovering how our inner man and woman. It is an invitation to open ourselves to what is denied of complete ourselves from within, feeling the courage to look in our shadows with responsibility, respect and love.