Ane Mondragon

Ane Mondragon

31 years old

Addressed to my fellow road.

I was in fear of going to this emotional workshop with fear to know more my emotions and my body. Upon arrival and at the same time entering, I found a quiet and warm atmosphere. If this were not enough, there I met my traveling companions, and was one wonderful! Pleasant surprise confidence, warmth, sincerity, humility, security and love. That was what I felt every woman I encountered. Besides being a perfect opportunity to empty my heart, I learned about two concepts of which I never heard (feminine energy and masculine energy)

Apart from theory, experiment with our body and although it was not easy to understand, to be able to share life experiences and helped both feel heard, I calmed down a lot.

So, so that, when is the next workshop? Jajajaj, Elena and Ione Thank you for your presence, peace and love. And thanks to all road companions met at the workshop, because together is always easier! A hug to everyone!



I feel very grateful … thanks to the experience in these workshops, I have pinned to love myself more, I look inside me from another look and feel my life with greater responsibility. Thank you very much!!!

Maite Garitano

Maite Garitano

28 years old

My women!! What to say? It has been a pleasure to enjoy this space. I’m so glad to have met all of you in this way. The workshops help me to become aware of being. The feeling at the end of the weekend workshop was expansion of the heart. Love, warmth … even give meaning to my name !!! A warm kiss to each of the women. Thank you Elena and Ione for starting this.

When you are accompanied and you feel safe, you allow yourself the freedom to express yourself your way, (I, that’s how I felt). Thanks Elena and Ione, you gave me experience, wisdom and love. Thank you all for the energy and complicity that was created.

My women !!

What do you say?
It has been a pleasure, again, to enjoy this corner. I’m glad to meet you on this path. Workshops are useful for me to become aware of being.
At the end of the weekend, I usually have a sensible little heart that’s expanded / expanded. Sweetness Love. I do not know, I also feel a name for my name, hey!
🌸A beautiful birthday for every woman you are 🌸

And, thank you so much, for the launching of this iona !!

Ane gallastegi

Ane gallastegi

25 years old

I was speechless … agree with everything he said. The decision to participate in this workshop has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Thanks !!!! … .Ione and Elena and the other thank you so much !!!!!



52 years old

Hello friends!!! To tell the shop man inside, indoors Woman .All workshops are wonderful and special but for me this has specifically been brutal the as clearly as I saw that he acted in a way in some situations and other completely opposite being the same person … .for one hand I can be tremendously fragile where I can damage with a pen and on the other I am wonderfully strong able to handle any situation … I .lo truly exciting is knowing I am the two halves and that both complement and protect one to the other.

Simply put Ione and Elena thanks for opening my door to self – knowledge is wonderful and as recently told me a very special person …. It is a walk with you and my compis because that whenever agree workshops, each one of you I take your love, respect, smiles, hugs, experience joy and complicity. THANKS TO ALL Wholeheartedly 🙏❤ii

Amaia Beloki

Amaia Beloki

38 years old

For me it is very beneficial to participate in these workshops for women, it is a rich and reliable space that helps us get into self-knowledge, along with other women, meet our lights and shadows in a sharing respectful.

In a process of healing and knowledge, it seems important to have these spaces in which feels a union, solidarity and support to the group, each at their own pace, accompanied by the beauty of consciousness, seeing in these workshops all we are on the same path …

Heartfelt thanks to all travel companions that can do this!

Hi girls, I want to share how I feel after this workshop. The first days I was angry and uncomfortable, I think I was also angry inside. Of course I came home and yes, the theory more or less understand it and I have seen the differences but now what do I do?

Well, I know what I have to do: listen to me, I feel and I take care of myself. I am more conscious. I keep growing … and it’s super nice and I think they are by my side, they feel it and it comes to them.
Thanks to all . 😘❤

Qué difícil poner en palabras lo que los talleres significan para mí. Diría que es un viaje de autoconocimiento, acompañado de maravillosas mujeres que hacen que el miedo y los nervios del inicio se transformen en tranquilidad, seguridad y amabilidad tanto con el resto del grupo como con una misma.

Me llevo un montón de cada taller, de aprendizaje, de sensaciones, de pequeños autoboicot de mi Ego, voy aprendiendo e intentando transformarme poco a poco.

Gracias a Ione y Elena por guiarme en este camino.

My second experience in this same workshop, and I must say, that I have connected with my life partner, traveling, who holds me and who has never left me, and who I will always have with me. An incredible experience, and this feeling that I have now, is indescribable ….

THANKS Elena and Ione for making this possible!


This workshop has been very interesting for me. Through the experiences I have connected more to my body and I am more aware of all the information that is giving me at all times. Taking it to day to day I notice the tensions without letting it accumulate and I feel more rooted with more vitality in the body, thanking at all times its functioning and support. I make a team with the body and give it all the love possible. I thank the monitors and the group for their harmony 😘😘


In this workshop I have learned to go more slowly, more inwards, I feel more from the feeling, as I observe from outside, it is a feeling of tranquility, I am at peace.
I want to thank you all for sharing and for choosing to be.
A hug .❤


Hello. The experience of this workshop has been very beautiful, active, participative and practical, which is how I learn best. In many moments I have been aware of my body and I have learned to use some tools to treat it well. I thank you and the group for this beautiful experience that I will repeat as soon as I can. A kiss 😘😘


I have participated in two workshops, “Interior Man and Interior Woman” and “The wisdom of the body”. In both cases, the experience has been extraordinary. I have connected with myself, thinking less and feeling more. I have become aware of my body’s own wisdom and have begun the process of learning to listen to it, feeling in this journey the peace that comes from within.
Thanks to the quiet atmosphere of the workshop and the connection of the group, I felt very comfortable. The space has been very safe and that has allowed it to carry out this process. Thanks Elena and Ione for your guidance and help! 😙😙


Today I feel the impulse to write what the workshop meant for me … Late, but sure, in a day that my daughter is very present, and my mother criticizes

The workshop of the inner child …. It is the third time that I decided to do this workshop, in which, when I decided to do it, there was already a voice in me that said … again? That week before the workshop “besides” I had already been talking to my girl, every day and I thought I had already recognized her, and understood …
The first workshop, he did in me, remembering it, I did not remember what it was like.
The second workshop, I saw some wound, and resentment, that my girl had. Resentment with which I stayed after, and “blamed” abroad.

In this third workshop, I have recognized a small part of myself, of the pressure my girl is subjected to, to the pressure my critical mother submits to my child, and the best that I have seen in this workshop, is that they are both in me, and both are afraid of not being loved … Of being wounded again. So wishing to take the next step towards Self (re) discovery!

Thank you Elena and Ione, and each one of us who were there! 😘😘😘😘


Truly Unforgettable, a new look has opened up …


Hello, I would like to share what I learned in this workshop. On the one hand I have realized how well I have felt surrounded by women and on the other hand I have learned that when an emotion comes out, before I did not understand what was happening to me, now I find meaning and I have seen where it comes from and this gives me peace I also want to tell you that participating in these workshops is the best gift I am doing.


Hi. I do not know how to write on your page. But I want to thank you for everything. This workshop has opened something inside me that I do not know how to explain. I realize this day of things that I did not realize. It has helped me feel beyond. I am seeing my girl and also the girl of others. I hope to continue on this path. Step by Step. At another time, I would even repeat the workshop. 😘😘😘


After “The Relationships” and “The Body”, the workshop of “Tenderly Embracing Our Inner Child” has been the third for me; The first two have been very valuable, but that of the girl has been and is being VERY VERY SPECIAL. It seems that significant pieces of the puzzle are being placed, and I say so because I am also reaping the fruits after the workshop: I feel freer, and I am enjoying life much more (of me and my family, friends, in relation to work companions). In my day to day, I am more present and aware, I take much more time, and at the same time I am calmer; I have more creative ideas in front of problems, in me I see things more clear and orderly … I do not know how long this experience will last, but knowing that it is possible to live in this way I appreciate it with all my heart. Thanks to all of you who participated in the workshop, and to Ione and Elena. It is a beautiful gift I have lived with you.





Hello everybody! More than words I would like to share with you these feelings. I shared this weekend has been amazing, can not describe the magic that was created there. In this workshop ja helped us to know a little more ourselves, your company makes easier the way. Acceptance and tranquility that feels there is not anywhere, and it’s a feeling you really have to experience. The weekend will help me for life, giving it a place in this fast everyday to make sense. I getting into the backpack lessons learned, and being out in the depths of this road, I carry with me strategies that are truly useful. Elena and Ione have no words to you, give me light in my way at all workshops, It is amazing that you have chosen to share with others your wisdom and energy. It is the best gift we can give ourselves. It has been happening. Thanks to all and myself, for letting me live this.




I love the admosfera that is created in these groups, I love that we all Predisposition to connect with our emotions, our girls ….

That joy and everything seems easy with the strength of the group. Thank you all for that tenderness, that empathy, understanding … .with you everything is easier.

I for one have much work ahead but give me a lot of strength and I am slowly connecting with me, living with my emotions ……
😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 for everyone!




A space where you give permission, a space where there is room … .. for everything that comes with support, with love, with complicity.
And thanks to the help of Elena and Ione
I have personally seen pieces that fit my personal puzzle.




It was a unique experience to find feelings inside me, I had saved with keys … When I got through the process and release me from a large slab weighing me much … thank you … ELENA AND IONE …

Maite Mateo


a year that started with the workshops and the truth is that there has been movement within me, my first workshop was very healing .The following workshops have helped me understand and accept-me-me.En this last workshop’ve seen and felt I can be the observer of what happens to me and I have found that the thrill fades, I’m esplorando as Ione says, I am also in a state of gratitude (I thank my vulnerability, my sensitivity ….) and especially thank you living there. Thanks from my heart.

An unforgettable experience, I have felt enlightened in many aspects of my life, in a cozy space and thanks to the sensitivity and complicity of all participants and I also want to give my sincere thanks to Ione and Elena, exceptional facilitators 🙏🙏💗💗



I participated in the living workshop to heal the relationship with the mother and the female lineage. It was my first workshop of this kind. After trying different methods of therapy in recent years, I needed more than traditional therapy and read on my own. Therefore, I went to the workshop with great hope and I found myself much more than I expected. During the practical exercises, I discovered patterns that dragged with me all my life. I found answers to the questions I had, even to the questions I had not yet gotten asked. I was very surprised that it was possible to become aware of so many things in just two days. I will participate in other workshops to continue discovering myself and improving my relationship with myself. Many thanks to Elena and Ione, and to the compañeras who have accompanied me in my first workshop.

34 años, Donostia

It has been WONDERFUL. A luxury that I want to continue giving me, I finally find something healing really. A gift, a blessing, was the place he had to be.


43 años, Donostia