“The challenge in our relationships is to examine whether the grounds of our actions come from within or outside, shall we are saying yes to ourselves, or we’re having a reaction of some sort waiting for others to appreciate us and want us? This is the lesson we can learn in all our relationships “- SVAGITO LIEBERMEISTER

We are born, we grow and develop through the links, relationships and it is here also where sometimes we lose ourselves. The impulse to bond is part of our nature. Driven by our physical and emotional vulnerability and dependence, very early starts growing fear of losing the other, and this threat patterns determines our relationship in the future.

For women, our conditioning tells us that love must come from a particular person and if that does not happen we are lost. This is love and appreciation are something external to be earned, so should mate the desire of the other, denying ourselves. Betray ourselves to give us another (partner, child, father-mother, work …). Fear of losing membership, loneliness, unless valued… dye our vital bonds.

Relations which I make in my daily life are a reflection of how they have been my relationship experiences. We can develop an avoidant pattern (I deny my need to relate) or a dependent pattern (I value only if the other values ​​me). In either case, relationships and links go from being a place to develop myself and grow, a place to stay trapped in denial of ourselves and reactions marked by fear, anger, shame, devaluation…

We invite you to shed light on the true motives behind your relationships by becoming aware of automatic and unconscious patterns.