“A circle fo woman helps you find the river of your life and support you in the process of handing it´s current” – MARIAN WOODMAN

In our childhood we were vulnerable to being hurt because of our dependence on adults who were in charge of our care, so the first years of life are critical for our subsequent physical, emotional and relational health. The emotional atmosphere in which we developed, the needs that were covered and those that weren’t, leave traces in our unconsciousness and in the memory of our body.

At birth and in the early years of life, the child lives with her whole being, with all its truth, whether it is: laugh, cry, kick, trembles … without guilt, rejection, abandonment or shame whatsoever.

But gradually the environment begins to reject certain attitudes, expressions and emotions, so that somehow the child begins to feel unworthy, inadequate, not “good enough” to be loved. Many of the basic needs could not be met: we weren’t loved unconditionally with our fear, anger, sadness … often did not receive loving and respectful physical contact, we didn’t receive clear limits, we didn’t feel accepted just the way we were. 

Each of us learned to survive in different ways, and that was how patterns of behavior and the way we relate with others were installed. In our adulthood, we repeat them unconsciously, turning the luck of our childhood into present wounds; creating at present, reactions and attitudes that harm our lives.

However, there is not only wounds in this girl, but also a life force, creativity and spontaneity, we have been putting out, retaining and smothering and are there waiting to come to light. However, not only there are wounds in this inner child, there is also a life fource, crativity and espontaneity, that we have been putting out and retaining, and are waiting to come out.

It’s not about blame, our parents, did what they could or knew, since they were also wounded children. This understanding gives us the opportunity to get out of victimhood and blame, to recognize and love what was and was not, and thus to be able to take responsibility now for our needs and our growth.

Where our shortcomings arethere is also our potential for growth.

In this workshop we invite you to listen and look at this child with love. She is willing to show. Remember her, welcome her and heal her.